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标签:笑话 声音 音调
摘要 : 你是否有过讲了个笑话却没有人笑的经历?根据一项新研究,可能问题出在你的声音上。


你是否有过讲了个笑话却没有人笑的经历?根据一项新研究,可能问题出在你的声音上。研究人员记录下了男人和女人们讲述平淡无奇的俏皮话的过程(例如,“有天我在思考生命,突然有了一个可怕的想法:如果Hokey Pokey真的是所描述的那样的话?”),然后研究人员对他们的声音做了不同的处理。被人为压低了的声音让说话者听起来更强势;而高分贝的声音则让他们听起来没那么强势。志愿者组成的听众接着对每一个笑话的幽默程度打分。无论说笑话人的声音音调如何,女听众都会大笑或哼笑,但对于男听众来说,这取决于他们有多强壮强势。发表于《进化与人类行为》杂志的这一论文称,相对于更不强势的听者,那些有着更大的二头肌且自评吸引力较高的男人们更倾向于低沉的声音说出的笑话,反之亦然。研究人员认为,幽默可能已经部分进化到可以帮助男人结盟来进行像打猎这样的合作任务。占主导地位的男性可以获得宝贵的盟友,但前提是你足够强大到不会被制服。


Are you strong enough to laugh at this joke?


Ever had a joke fall flat? It may be the sound of your voice, according to a new study. Researchers recorded men and women telling corny one-liners (ex., “I was thinking about life the other day, and a frightening idea occurred to me: What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?”)—and then manipulated the pitches of their voices. Artificially lowered voices made the speakers sound more dominant; higher pitched voices made them sound less so. Volunteer listeners then rated each joke’s funniness. Female listeners laughed or groaned regardless of the comic’s voice pitch, but for men it depended on how burly and dominant they were. Guys with bigger biceps and higher self-rated attractiveness were more likely to prefer lower-pitched jokes than less dominant listeners, and vice versa, according to a study in press in Evolution and Human Behavior. The researchers suggest humor may have evolved partly to help men form alliances for cooperative tasks like hunting. Dominant men make valuable allies—but only if you’re dominant enough not to be overpowered.

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