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标签:头发 变白 眉毛
摘要 : 有没有想过为什么你的头发会变白?研究人员早就知道,这都是因为让头发产生颜色的黑色素生成放缓。


有没有想过为什么你的头发会变白?研究人员早就知道,这都是因为让头发产生颜色的黑色素生成放缓。但他们并不确切知道是什么导致了这种放缓,及不同人群之间这种机制如何变化。今天,在一份针对来自拉丁美洲的6000余人的基因组的研究中,研究人员确认了似乎会影响头发特质的18种基因,包括第一个发现与白发相关的基因。与白发相关的基因变异只在欧洲血统的人群中发现,而且这种变异曾与浅色发色相关。研究人员今天在《自然通信》中报告说(相关阅读:Nat Com:英国伦敦学院大学研究学者揭示连心眉等毛发性状相关的遗传变异),其它第一次发现的基因还包括与一字眉、眉毛浓密程度,以及胡子浓密程度相关的那些。参与者各异的背景,包括来自非洲、欧洲和美洲原住民的血统,有助于揭示本可能隐藏在更同质的人群中的基因和头发之间的关系。研究人员说,新发现或有助研究人员根据遗传证据预测犯罪嫌疑人的模样。他们补充说,总有一天,这些发现甚至可能帮助药物开发商找到延缓头发变白的药用靶点。


Study finds first genetic links for gray hair, beard thickness, and unibrows


Ever wonder why your hair goes gray? Researchers have long known that a slowdown in the production of melanin, the pigment that colors hair, is to blame. But they don’t know precisely what starts the slowdown, or how the mechanism varies between populations. Now, in a study that looked at the genomes of more than 6000 people from Latin America, researchers have identified18 genes that appear to influence hair traits, including the first ever to be associated with graying. The gene variant linked to graying is found only in people with European ancestry, and it has previously been associated with light hair colors. Other firsts include genes associated with unibrows, eyebrow thickness, and beard thickness, the researchers report today in Nature Communications. The participants’ diverse backgrounds, which included African, European, and Native American ancestry, helped reveal relationships between genes and hair that would have been hidden in more homogeneous populations. Researchers say the discoveries could help investigators predict what suspects look like based on genetic evidence. Someday, they add, the findings might even help drug developers find targets for medications to delay hair graying.

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