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摘要 : 肥胖的流行损害了肝脏。大约20%到30%的美国人有过多的脂肪在肝脏,这也是世界各地普遍的问题。脂肪堆积通常是良性的,但它可以慢慢变为一个地步称为非酒精性脂肪肝炎(NASH),那时候细胞存在炎症和肿胀的特性。

肥胖的流行损害了肝脏。大约20%到30%的美国人有过多的脂肪在肝脏,这也是世界各地普遍的问题。脂肪堆积通常是良性的,但它可以慢慢变为一个地步称为非酒精性脂肪肝炎(NASH),那时候细胞存在炎症和肿胀的特性。非酒精性脂肪肝炎(NASH)经常导致纤维化或瘢痕,可导致肝硬化,肝功能衰竭和死亡。我们还不清楚为什么有些人有过多的脂肪在肝脏会发展成非酒精性脂肪肝炎(NASH),但研究人员和医生都挺乐观因为20多个潜在非酒精性脂肪肝炎治疗正在开发或测试。两个大型的非酒精性脂肪肝炎临床试验药物可能于今年将开始,之前的一个临床试验:obeticholic acid(OCA,一种鹅脱氧胆酸衍生物)能减少肝脏纤维化,这也是第一个肝脏药物。


The liver's weighty problem


The obesity epidemic has hit the liver. about 20% to 30% of Americans have excess fat in the liver, and the problem is widespread throughout the world. The fat accumulation is often benign, but it can progress to a condition called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH, that features inflammation and swollen cells. NASH often leads to fibrosis, or scarring that can result in cirrhosis, liver failure and death. Why some people with excess fat in their livers develop NASH remains uncertain, but researchers and doctors are optimistic because more than 20 potential NASH treatments are under development or in testing. Two large clinical trials of possible NASH drugs are due to start this year. In a previous clinical trial, one of the treatments, obeticholic acid, reduced the amount of fibrosis, a first for a liver drug.

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