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摘要 : 在还没有将脊髓灰质炎病毒(引起小儿麻痹症)完全消灭前,一小部消灭疾病战士渴望把下一次全球根除目标定为麻疹。




Is measles next?


Before the polio virus is even in the grave, a small cadre of disease fighters is itching to set the next global eradication target: measles. The case is compelling. Measles killed 145,000 children last year in poor countries and left many more blind, deaf, or disabled. A cheap and effective vaccine has long been on the shelves; numerous expert panels have deemed measles eradication feasible, although daunting—it is the most contagious virus on Earth. But the biggest obstacle to measles eradication is polio, which hasn't disappeared as it was supposed to do in 2000. Skeptics question whether a measles initiative would fall down the same rabbit hole as did the polio effort, which has spent billions of dollars and nearly 3 decades chasing the last few cases, only to see them disappear around the corner. Maybe it is time, they say, to settle for keeping measles cases really low but not trying to get to zero.

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