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标签:贫困 生活 资产
摘要 : 一项新的分析显示,一个结合直接援助与培训的计划可帮助世界上最贫困的家庭从极端贫穷“毕业”进入可持续性的生活标准。

 一项新的分析显示,一个结合直接援助与培训的计划可帮助世界上最贫困的家庭从极端贫穷“毕业”进入可持续性的生活标准。这项计划在埃塞俄比亚、加纳、洪都拉斯、印度、巴基斯坦和秘鲁的1万1000个家庭中进行了测试。该计划在结束1年后,其对超贫困家庭的正面影响(特别是资产的积累和食品消费方面)仍然持续存在。Abhijit Banerjee和同事说,在这些国家中的试点项目的结果显示,同样类型的支持可在不同的环境中发挥作用,它们能改善五分之一世界人口的生活;这些人每天的生活费低于1.25美元。这一多方面的计划为这些最贫困的人提供短期援助,其中包括给予这些家庭一种生产性的资产(如家畜),其价值在451-1228美元;以及经常性地将食物或金钱(价值为每月26-71美元)输给这些家庭长达一年时间。这些家庭还接受了技术培训来管理他们的新资产;能够加入某个储蓄账户或某个强制性储蓄计划;接受某些基本的卫生教育和健康服务;以及频繁的家访来支持这些家庭;这些都是他们给予这些家庭脱离极端贫困的“大力推动”。研究人员说,2年之后,在大多数的国家中,这些计划的益处超过了所花的成本。


A Multifaceted program causes lasting progress for the very poor: Evidence from six countries


Working in six countries with an international consortium, we investigate whether a multifaceted Graduation program can help the extreme poor establish sustainable self-employment activities and generate lasting improvements in their well-being. The program targets the poorest members in a village and provides a productive asset grant, training and support, life skills coaching, temporary cash consumption support, and typically access to savings accounts and health information or services. In each country, the program was adjusted to suit different contexts and cultures, while staying true to the same overall principles. This multipronged approach is relatively expensive, but the theory of change is that the combination of these activities is necessary and sufficient to obtain a persistent impact. We do not test whether each of the program dimensions is individually necessary. Instead, we examine the “sufficiency” claim: A year after the conclusion of the program, and 3 years after the asset transfer, are program participants earning more income and achieving stable improvements in their well-being?

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