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摘要 : 蓝顶蓝饰雀(Uraeginthus cyanocephalus)有一个特殊的天赋。它不但能歌,还善舞。它的求偶表演是用嘴叼住一块筑巢的材料,仰着头,跳上跳下,还唱着歌。


蓝顶蓝饰雀(Uraeginthus cyanocephalus)有一个特殊的天赋。它不但能歌,还善舞。它的求偶表演是用嘴叼住一块筑巢的材料,仰着头,跳上跳下,还唱着歌。雄性和雌性都像这样边上下跳动边鸣叫,同时选择配偶。现在,研究人员发现,这种鸟儿上下跳动的时候还会快速地表演“踢踏舞”,重重地踏脚。它们的踢踏舞快到肉眼难以辨识,但被高速摄像机拍摄了下来。研究团队今日在《科学报告》上报告说,在16只被分成两两一组的鸟中,有七只雄鸟和四只雌鸟被拍到在边跳舞边求偶。拍摄的录像显示,一只蓝顶蓝饰雀每上下跳动一次就平均跺脚3.17次。如果这只雄鸟或雌鸟身边恰巧坐着一只可能的配偶,那么它跺脚的次数更多。研究人员提议,蓝顶蓝饰雀通过跺脚产生的振动和非语言的声音来配合它的歌声,以此表达它对异性的兴趣。


Songbirds tap dance to seduce their mate


The blue-capped cordon-bleu (Uraeginthus cyanocephalus) has a special talent. Not only can it sing, it can shake a leg or two. For its courtship display, it holds a piece of nesting material in its beak, points its head upward, moves up and down, and sings. Both males and females bob and sing like this, and choose their partner. Now, researchers have found that as the bird bobs, it does a quick tap dancewher it stomps its feet (as seen in video above). The tap dance is so fast it eludes the naked human eye and was filmed using a high-speed video camera. Of the 16 birds that were paired, seven males and four females were caught courting and dancing, the team reports today in Scientific Reports. The footage reveals that a cordon-bleu performs an average of 3.17 stomps per bob. A male or female stomped more if a prospective mate was seated on the same perch. Stomping produces vibrations and nonvocal sounds that the bird coordinates with its song to communicate its interest in the opposite sex, the researchers suggest.

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