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摘要 : 滚石乐队、露华浓,和安吉丽娜•朱莉都可以证明,没有多少身体部位会比嘴唇更性感。


滚石乐队、露华浓,和安吉丽娜•朱莉都可以证明,没有多少身体部位会比嘴唇更性感。今天发表于《英国皇家学会开放科学》杂志网络版的一项新研究表明,我们并不是唯一有这种感受的灵长类动物。黑白色、塌鼻子的滇金丝猴(Rhinopithecus bieti,如图)有着严格的社会等级,几只老年雄猴同时与多只雌猴交配,而年轻的雄猴则组成单身团队,等待时机。雄性的嘴唇随着年龄的增长自然变红,但事实上一切似乎比这更复杂一点:几个月内拍摄的一系列照片显示,交配雄猴的嘴唇在交配季节里会变得更红,而单身雄猴的嘴唇则变得更白。科学家们仍然不知道为什么动物的嘴唇似乎与它们的社会地位相对应,但一个想法是,雌性在选择伴侣时倾向于偏红的色调,就像雌孔雀喜欢选择尾部最华丽的雄孔雀一样。另一种解释可能是,雄猴把唇色做为其地位的一个预见性指标以减少冲突:更为苍白的嘴唇可以让单身雄猴显得不那么有威胁,这样交配雄猴就可以将矛头对准其它红唇竞争对手。作者说,这两种机制也可以同时起作用。


Natural lipstick helps male monkeys get the girl


As the Rolling Stones, Revlon, and Angelina Jolie can attest, not many body parts are more sexualized than the lips. A new study published online today in Royal Society Open Science, suggests that we’re not the only primates that feel this way. Black-and-white snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti, pictured) have a strict social hierarchy in which a few, older males mate with multiple females, while the younger males form bachelor groups and bide their time. The males’ lips naturally redden with age, but the story seems a little more complicated than that: A series of photographs taken over multiple months shows that mating males’ lips redden during the mating season, wheras the bachelor males’ become paler. Scientists still aren’t sure why the animals’ lips seem to correspond with their social rank, but one idea is that females prefer the redder shades when choosing a mate, similar to how a female peacock chooses the male with the most elaborate tail. Another explanation could be that the males are using lip color as a preemptive indicator of their status in order to minimize conflict: Paler lips could make bachelors appear less threatening, allowing the mating males to focus their aggression on other red-lipped competitors. Both mechanisms could also be acting simultaneously, the authors say.

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