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标签:蝙蝠 精子
摘要 : 在拳击比赛中击败其它雄性并赢取栖息领地——以及一群雌蝙蝠——之后,雄性昭短尾叶鼻蝠(Carollia perspicillata,如图)可能会认为他的生育权战斗结束了。


在拳击比赛中击败其它雄性并赢取栖息领地——以及一群雌蝙蝠——之后,雄性昭短尾叶鼻蝠(Carollia perspicillata,如图)可能会认为他的生育权战斗结束了。但这个新热带物种中战败的雄性自有妙计:和愿意委身的雌性秘密交配。这个方法行之有效,而且研究人员现在知道了个中缘由。科学家们研究了一群圈养在瑞士的蝙蝠,将领头的雄性从它们的“后宫”中移走三天,然后检查它们及竞争对手的精子。此前的研究表明,鬼鬼祟祟偷情的雄性蝙蝠的精子速度更快、活得更久,这使它们比雄性头领更具优势。研究人员曾怀疑这是因为偷情的蝙蝠创造出这种超级精子来与别的蝙蝠竞争。但新的研究发现,禁欲3天之后的雄性头领的精子和它们的竞争对手的精子一样敏捷、有活力。因此,研究团队今天在《实验生物学杂志》上发表文章称,那些偷情的雄性蝙蝠并没有创造出特殊的精子——它们只是交配次数少,所以它们的精子在奔向卵子时有更好的状态。


Chastity helps bats win sperm wars


After defeating other males in boxing matches and winning a territorial roost—and a bevy of females—a male Seba’s short-tailed bat (Carollia perspicillata, pictured) might think his battles for reproductive rights are over. But the defeated males of this neotropical species have a trick up their sleeve: clandestine matings with willing females. The tactic works, and now researchers know why. Scientists studied bats in a captive colony in Switzerland, removing alpha males from their harems for 3 days, and examining their sperm—as well as that of their rivals. A previous study showed that the sneaky males have faster, longer lived sperm, which gives them a leg-up on the alpha male. Researchers had suspected this was because the sneakers produced this supersperm to compete. But the new study finds that after the 3 days of abstinence, the alpha male’s sperm is as agile and vigorous as that of his rivals. Thus, the team reports today in the Journal of Experimental Biology, the sneaky males aren’t generating special sperm—they just mate less, so their sperm is in better shape when it comes time to race to the egg.

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