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标签:剥桔 干净 方法
摘要 : 剥桔子时,无论你的动作有多慢、多小心,仍然可能将橘汁弄在手上。为了了解这背后的原因,研究人员用高速相机通过慢动作捕捉了在挤压或弯曲柠檬、脐橙和巴伦西亚橙子的外壳时发生了什么。







This video reveals why there’s no clean way to peel an orange


No matter how slowly and carefully you peel an orange, you’re likely to get juice on your hands. To find out why, researchers used high-speed video to capture in slow motion what happens when the rinds of lemons, and navel and Valencia oranges are squeezed or bent. They then applied engineering tools to measure the pressure that built up inside the fluid-filled oil glands that sit just under the skin of citrus fruits. The glands vary from spherical to almost cylindrical, building up enough pressure inside before rupturing that they can shoot droplets out at 10.5 meters per second (faster than an insect can fly or a raindro can fall), the scientists found. And the droplets go from standing still to top speed in less than a millimeter, being subjected to acceleration 1000 times that experienced by astronauts taking off in space, the team reported here today at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. The researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how this speed is so quickly achieved and why the oil quickly breaks into small droplets, information that could help them design an emergency asthma inhaler filled with exploding pockets of medicine, they note.

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