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摘要 : 本期Science封面为盔甲上的眼睛,图为对顆粒棘石鱉的矿化保护甲的叠加矿化光学扫描的电子显微图片,黑色颜料与成像镜头一起组成了初步的霰石,这种标记与大部分动物的蛋白质组成的眼睛形成了鲜明的对比。

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本期Science封面为盔甲上的眼睛,图为对顆粒棘石鱉的矿化保护甲的叠加矿化光学扫描的电子显微图片,黑色颜料与成像镜头一起组成了初步的霰石,这种标记与大部分动物的蛋白质组成的眼睛形成了鲜明的对比。这样的设计同时允许有机体通过光学视觉监控潜在的掠夺性攻击。尽管石鳖看上去很简单,但这些软体动物却有非常复杂的壳。它的外层包含多达1000只微小的眼睛,每一只都比这句话句末的句号小一点。研究人员描述了石鳖如何从与组成自己的壳一样坚硬的矿物质上创造出它们眼睛中的晶状体。正如视频 所示,这些眼睛的确能生成图像,展示了这种非比寻常的物质如何同时实现视觉和保护两种功能。这正是材料科学家希望可以使其技术得到改善的地方,所以这项研究给材料科学家们指明了出路。科学家们利用高分辨率的显微镜、X射线技术以及计算机建模研究了这些眼睛如何生成,且其表现如何。他们发现,尽管大部分的石鳖壳是由小且不规则排列的晶体组成,但这些椭圆形的眼睛的晶状体则由大晶体组成,排列整齐,可以让光相对无阻碍地通过。多达100个感光细胞形成了一个视网膜,所处的位置可以让最远2米以外的任何鸟、鱼或其它的天敌在上面生成图像。当石鳖发现这些天敌,它便紧紧夹住岩石。石鳖不能快速移动,所以它们靠自己坚硬的壳来保证安全。这些眼睛是壳的弱点,但作为一种改进过的高级预警系统,它们远远弥补了自身带来的弱点。



Crystalline eyes of chitons inspire materials scientists


For more than a century, biologists have suspected that chitons, slow-moving mollusks common along rocky shorelines, see the world differently from most animals. Though the animals apparently lack a brain, the backs of their hard, turtlelike shells are pockmarked with up to 1000 tiny eyes. Now, a team of materials scientists, engineers, and biologists describes how chitons convert the chalklike aragonite of their shells into transparent lenses that form images. Using high-resolution microscopy and x-ray techniques, as well as computer modeling, these researchers peered deep into the chiton eye and characterized the material and structures of the upper layer of the shell, which in chitons is living tissue. They find the lens consists of bigger, more aligned aragonite crystals than in the rest of the shell and that protective protrusions help compensate for these weak points in the shell. The work offers a striking example of how a single material can perform two jobs—seeing and protecting—at once, and may offer insight to materials scientists seeking to design their own dual-use materials.

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